Another World Title for the Record Books

Oct 10, 2020

After a display of absolute masterclass from Jordan Sarrou in Leogang, BMC has another World Championship title added to our list of bike palmares.

Racing under pretty testing conditions the French, Absolute Absalon-BMC rider not only showed incredible strength and precision, but showcased exactly what the Fourstroke is capable of, in what has been termed ‘the rider of the event’.

Leading from the gun, Sarrou had this to say after his race; ‘I had such an amazing day on the bike, like very rarely in my career so far. I had amazing sensations, from the start actually. I didn’t attack, just raced my own pace and could focus on riding clean. I didn’t allow myself to think about what was happening until I had the finish line in sight.’

Further cementing not only the impressive performances of the Absolute Absalon-BMC riders, but Fourstroke potential too, the 3rd step of the podium was filled by fellow Frenchman and teammate Titoan Carod. Highlighting the effectiveness of the Fourstroke and our in-house developed Auto-drop dropper post technology.

Sarrou adding; ‘It is the best bike at the moment. The aggressive geometry and the front angle especially made me feel super stable on the steep and technical downhills. Climbing and getting back up to speed after corners was also very easy. The Autodrop might be seen as a “little detail” but it makes a huge difference. It allowed me to push further out of the saddle before a downhill and save energy without having to push the saddle down.’

In all the World Champion elation, what might have gone unnoticed was another incredible performance by the Swiss Absolute Absalon-BMC rider, Filippo Colombo, who rode to a mightly impressive 7th place on our new hardtail bike the Twostroke.

Jordan Sarrou summed it up perfectly for all of us; ‘I can’t believe what’s happening to me - “I am World Champion!” – it’s totally crazy.’

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