MTT - Micro Travel Technology

BMC’s Micro Travel Technology (MTT) has evolved over several generations into what it is today: the pinnacle of lightweight, integrated compliance. The progressive composite engineers at our Impec Lab spent years developing and perfecting the function and performance of the system, originally conceived to excel in the unforgiving discipline of cross-country racing.

Simply adding compliance to the rear of the bike was not sufficient – and doing so without any loss of drivetrain efficiency, torsional rigidity or steering responsiveness, was near rocket science. The result is one for the ages; virtually no weight penalty and incredibly low maintenance. Micro-Travel Technology function is the result of the engineered performance of the chainstays and seatstays through complex carbon layups and the dual-guide, integrated XCell damper.

Advanced Carbon Technology

The advanced tube shapes of the seatstay and chainstay unite with the carbon and its highly specific lay-up to create an exceptionally compliant performance on rough ground.

Dual-Guide Design

The success that MTT accumulated in XC racing is proof that this subtle technology complements high pedaling efficiency on uneven ground. As MTT now rolls out across other disciplines of cycling, there’s no end to the confidence and comfort it brings.