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Meet Geffen, Michael and Scott. Three different riders sharing one common interest; making the best use of their time to keep the pedals turning during their busy daily lives. Three riders on the move on three different terrains but united by one bike: the Alpenchallenge AMP. These are their stories.


Geffen Yoeli-Rimmer pulls up to Kiln Cafe & Ceramics, leans her Alpenchallenge AMP City against the Instagram-famous yellow triangles adorning the wall and whips out a bulky set of keys. The line between work and the personal life of the restaurateur is hard to make out.

“When I look back at the past year I’m blown away. There was so much work; there were days I was so tired in the evening that I would cry on the way home. Feeling incapable of getting my old city bike up that last hill just tipped me right over the edge. That was when I knew I needed to figure out a better way of getting about Newcastle, transforming that daily commute into precious time to myself.”

She takes us along her bike route, pointing out shortcuts and alleyways, quick detours to vegetable markets and the local coffee roasters. Helping maintain that peace of mind, her bike allows her to dart through the city twice a day to take her dog for a walk. Without the bike, such a vital part of her new daily routine would be impossible.

“Newcastle is small and hilly with a maze of historic streets but somewhat lacking a decent public transport system. It’s as though it’s been designed for riding. The Alpenchallenge AMP City has rekindled my love for the city and its hidden gems.”

Facing all the daily challenges while keeping the show on the road, Geffen is succeeding in getting things done; all the while finding precious time to herself and to appreciate the valuable city life surrounding Kiln.

Alpenchallenge AMP City


It’s easy to see why cycling turned into a lifelong passion for Barcelona based film producer Michael Nouri.

A routine bike delivery for a film shoot got him into the business. From this chance opening, he climbed up the ladder and today manages big budget shoots for prestigious clients. Yet, success in his chosen career brings with it the strain of being responsible for high-pressure projects and running a successful business.

“That’s part of what led me to the Alpenchallenge AMP Sport. It was a wake-up call when Strava notified me that I’d only ridden 212 km during a 12-week period. Living in Barcelona doesn’t even allow me to use bad weather as an excuse. It hit me that I used to do that in a week – no, not even a week; a day or two.” 

He has certainly clocked up these distances since then on his annual tours with the FireFlies charity, crossing the Alps all the way to Cannes for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. It took a while before he rode the tour for the first time, with his attention and time taken up by other projects, moving around Europe for work and a stint of living in Mallorca - where he rediscovered his love for bikes.

Looking around his apartment in Barcelona, Michael’s love for cycling is on full display: spectacular frames, race numbers, prints and other memorabilia decorate the walls.

“I’m always scouting for locations while riding. On a bike, you develop a different sensitivity to the landscape around you. Now I’ve got the Alpenchallenge AMP Sport I’ve got the luxury of scouting further afield and still get my training in. I have to be very flexible in my line of work, so I try to follow what I call a look after yourself first mentality. Get up early and try not to let anything get in the way of a decent ride. Come July, I’ve got another edition of the FireFlies to ride. I think we’re going over the Passo dello Stelvio this time.”

Alpenchallenge AMP Sport


Scott Cole isn’t your average cyclist. The California-born endurance athlete lives and breathes adventure. But just like with most of us, work and becoming a father has resulted in a work-life-balance that has seen the scales tip more in favour of work and family.

“Fatherhood is one of the best things that ever happened to me,” Scott observes while holding his 8-month-old daughter Alma in his arms. His Swedish wife and adventure partner, Karolin, has just gone out for a trail run. “But there is still a part of me that longs for the sort of adventures I used to have back in the day. I sometimes wish that I could still go on these day-long epics in the Swedish Fjell.”

“Alma obviously takes up a lot of my time–that’s where the Alpenchallenge AMP Cross has really worked wonders. Now I can do a much longer loop in a short amount of time and get a solid aerobic workout whilst still being a committed father.”

“Nature as inspiration is certainly the biggest consistency in my life. It’s the focus of my work, my choice of sports and my leisure time. It's part of the reason why I moved to Sweden 10 years ago – there is so much more space here than in crowded Southern California,” continues the athlete.

Scott’s wife is the first to admit she was surprised when Scott mentioned he wanted to get an AMP but when she saw his face light up after the first tour, it all made sense. “The region I live in is not mountainous by the standards of other areas further up north, but the motor helps. There is a lot of rugged terrain with unpaved tracks and forest trails. A little assistance on the climbs goes a long way and then going back up over 25 km/h on my own strength, once I’m back on even terrain, is the most liberating feeling.”

“From a personal standpoint, there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing that there is so much more to my riding– if more people exchanged a car for an AMP, then we’d not only reduce our impact on the climate but also improve our health.” As Scott's wife Karolin returns from the forest, Alma unclenches her fist from Scott’s finger, as if giving him permission to go. Scott tightens the Boa on his shoes. His window for adventure on the family agenda is now back open.

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