“I’d be lying if I said I loved road riding from the very first moment,” says Lena, laughing.

“But I’m definitely hooked now,” she adds, recalling the ordeal of getting to grips with the sport. It didn’t take long, however, until she’d thrown herself into it with her trademark grin. “After I finished my first 100km, I began to truly love cycling and realized that it’s a progressive challenge, which has become very addictive.”

While most would find the idea of getting into racing a bit daunting, Lena sees it as the next step on her Teammachine ALR. “If I’m able to keep up with the fast riders then I don’t see why I shouldn’t have a go. I reckon I could do quite well!” And with that optimistic attitude, there’s no telling how far she could go.

Aluminum has come a long way

Teammachine ALR