Enhance your performance with cycling apparel designed to regulate your body temperature in heat and humidity.

Embedded active particles of volcanic sand have a high absorbency capacity and transfer infra red energy emitted by the body to transport moisture away from the skin and out of the clothing.

“Scientifically proven to increase athlete performance by maintaining an optimum core body temperarture of 37.5ºC.”

37.5® Thermoregulation technology derived from nature very efficiently reduces dampness from sweating, absorbs odours and regulates temperature.

At 37.5°C, the human body functions at its peak. It is so finely tuned in this way, that thermoregulation systems such as perspiration and shivering work constantly to ensure that core body temperature and relative humidity remain as close to 37.5°C/% as possible.

37.5® is a dynamic thermoregulation technology triggered by humidity. When the body is hot, active particles embedded into 37.5® material use energy to remove moisture and cool you down. When the body is cold, active particles retain energy to warm you up. In essence 37.5® Technology makes for more efficient thermoregulation and works similarly to a cooling vest, reducing the increase in core body temperature during activity, therefore improving performance. This is achieved via a combination of two natural, active particles: activated carbon from coconut shells and a mineral from volcanic sand. Both are waste products of the food and water filter industries.

One gram of activated carbon has the surface area of two tennis courts, making it extremely absorbent. Similarly, due to its billions of micropores, volcanic sand has a huge surface area and high absorbency. These active particles are combined and embedded into fibers that later form fabric with an extremely high absorbency capability. As a result, perspiration is removed while in its vapor state and sweating is reduced, which has a cooling effect.

Active particles from volcanic sand are also able to absorb infrared light in the spectrum that the human body emits it, and this light energy is transferred to “power” the particle. When humidity is high due to heat and sweating, the particles use energy to transfer moisture away from the body and out of the clothing, which has a cooling effect. When humidity is low due to being cool, the particles retain energy and reflect heat to prevent chilling. The outcome is a better maintained ideal core body temperature, no matter the conditions.

By combining these active particles and permanently embedding them into threads, the resulting responsive garment very efficiently reduces sweating, adsorbs odors and maintains your optimal core body temperature of 37.5°C.

Furthermore, 37.5® Technology yarns are now engineered to biodegrade at enhanced rates when placed in landfills. The additive responsible for this does not cause 37.5® Technology fibers to simply fracture into micro-plastics, but actually converts them at a molecular level down to naturally occurring byproducts like those generated from food waste. Modern landfills are increasingly able to transfer these byproducts into renewable energy.