City / Active Bikes

  1. Can I buy a City / Active bike directly from BMC?

    We sell our products exclusively through our independent BMC retailer network. The retailers are the best way to provide you with products, advice, service, and support. Please find your nearest BMC retailer with on our page 'Find a BMC retailer'.

    In certain markets we do offer the ability to buy online and pickup in store. Currently, this is only available in the USA.  We ship your bicycle to one of our Authorized BMC Retailers, the retailer will assemble to bike and contact you for pickup.  Upon delivery the retailer will assist in making your you're properly setup to enjoy your new BMC Bicycle.

  2. What size BMC City / Active bike is right for me

    Every body, regardless of weight and height, is different. Your inseam-to-height ratio, the length of your arms, the size of your torso, etc. all factor into determining the correct sizing of a bike

    As a result, BMC highly suggests that you don't simply rely on our sizing charts, but also seek professional guidance and recommendations from your local BMC retailer.

    Buying a BMC is an investment in your riding experience, ensure your ride is a great one by making sure you've been provided with the proper sized bike.

  3. Where can I get spare parts for my bike?

    Your local BMC retailer can assist you with replacements. BMC retailers have access to BMC-specific spare parts as well as to various other parts vendors, and can work with you in choosing the correct replacement option that best suits both you and your bike. Please find your nearest BMC retailer on our 'Find a BMC retailer' page.

  4. Can I buy a City / Active frame only?

    Currently we only offer our City / Active bicycles as complete bikes.

  5. How do I find a BMC Retailer near me?

    Please use our page 'Find a BMC retailer' to find your nearest BMC partner.

  6. What BMC City-Active bike is right for me?

    There are three options for finding the right lifestyle bike for you:

    1. contact your nearest BMC retailer for the best first-hand advice with the help of the page 'Find a BMC retailer'
    2. use our 'Bike finder'  to narrow down your selection by defining your preferences
    3. consult our road bike product page 'Lifestyle bike overview'