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Between a cyclist and his fastest time trial lies one fierce opponent – air.

Every cyclist fights it, since drag increases with the square of speed. It is the primordial reason behind the never ending battle of riders and bike engineers trying to cheat mother nature. But we found a way:

Vmax - Maximum velocity

The maximum rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate.

P2P - Position-to-Perform

Providing riders with cockpit adjustability for creating sustainable aerodynamic positions.

subA - Integrated aerodynamics system

Leading to optimum performance in any wind condition.

Optimised aero designs and cable-component integration are key ingredients in making a bike aerodynamic, while the adjustability of bars, pads and saddle positions ensure that you maintain your position for the complete duration of your race.


A slippery-fast frame is always a good start but adding a versatile, aerodynamic positioning system, breaks records. The Timemachine’s refined Position-to-Perform (p2p) system allows athletes to find their ideal contact points without sacrificing aerodynamics; no matter how aggressive or conservative the front-end or saddle position is.


SubA refers to the maximization of aerodynamic efficiency through minimizing exposure to wind. This is achieved through the optimization of three core features; aerodynamically optimized tube shapes, high levels of integration, and rider position-specific components.

Aerodynamically optimized tube shapes

Following a three-year partnership with aerodynamics experts, a newly revised SubA concept condenses our aerodynamic advantages: tubes with truncated profiles, crosswind-stable tube shapes and a super-lean frontal area.


The full integration of cabling, a frame concept that takes storage solutions heavily into account and our hinge fork design (integrating brakes) all play a huge part in achieving absolute minimal exposure to wind.

Rider position specific

On longer efforts or when the bike leg precedes a run, riders tend to take a less aggressive position. We have developed solutions like the V-Cockpit and the Flat Cockpit to deliver optimal aerodynamic performance to all riders regardless of individual Pad Stack preferences.