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The Legacy Continues

Dominating a discipline since ‘06, the legendary Fourstroke 01 is already a prolific medal-winning machine. Having taken many golds at Championships across the board the Fourstroke has created an unparalleled legacy in Cross-Country racing. Continuously evolving to exceed the expectations of the world's best athletes. Meet the next generation of the Fourstroke 01. Redesigned from the ground up, the new Fourstroke comprises of a family of four platforms. Each platform made for a different set of riders, all united by the same revolutionary technologies and unique design.

Whether you are an ambitious racer, on the hunt for that downhill rush or just want to amplify your trail game, the Fourstroke family has you covered.

This is your go to machine for absolute commitment and ultimate performance. Designed to push the boundaries of XC riding with limitless confidence on every course. From the World Cup to your local trail.

Discover our all-new Fourstroke family below and choose your weapon.

Fourstroke 01

Revolutionary XCO performance, designed to exceed the demands of the world’s top racers. Your go to machine for when every second matters. Dominate the race-course with the medal-winning Fourstroke 01 series.


The cornerstone XC bike designed to excel on every terrain. Explore beyond-the-tape versatility with the unrivalled Fourstroke series and set new standards.

Fourstroke LT

Designed for performance and built for trail riding at high speeds. There's no limit to what you and the Fourstroke LT can achieve.

Fourstroke AMP LT

An advanced performance machine built like no other, amplifying your trail game. Level up and hit the trails at speed with the Fourstroke AMP LT series.

Autodrop Technology

The secret weapon exclusive to the Fourstroke 01 series. The first ever fully integrated, automatic dropper post for on-the-fly and squat-free seatpost dropping to push further, faster, and on even the most technical XC courses. With an intuitive two-position adjustment our lightweight Autodrop technology gives every rider the race-defining split-second medal-winning advantage.

Redefined Capabilities

The entire Fourstroke family features the redefined APS and BWC Race capabilities.

More traction, more speed. The updated Advanced Pivot Suspension System features next-level kinematics and best-in-class suspension performance designed to deliver full traction and great efficiency on all terrain. Resulting in faster times, this new and improved full-feature suspension system finds no match on the course.

The next evolution of Big Wheel Concept Race technology pushes the XC collections’ capabilities further. Progressive refinements improve the rider position for better power transfer and traction on steep terrain, while equally expanding your descending capabilities and providing perfect weight distribution for incredible handling.

Design Boost

These medal-winning marathon machines are versatile by design. Allowing you to go far, all models have been redesigned to accommodate two water bottles on side-entry bottle cages in the main triangle without compromising performance and functionality.

Hidden Power

The Fourstroke AMP LT levels up with hidden power thanks to the TQ-HPR50 drive unit. Powerful, light and compact, it is seamlessly integrated into the frame for an uncompromised look and natural ride feel. Designed with the harmonic pin-ring transmission, 360 WH battery, 2” fully integrated display and minimalistic handlebar remote, this silent system makes sure to amplify your trail game.