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MTT Ecosystem

The pinnacle of lightweight, broad, modular approach to integrated drop-bar suspension, BMC’s proprietary Micro Travel Technology (MTT) has evolved over several generations into what it is today. The progressive engineers at our Impec Lab have spent years developing and perfecting the function and performance of the system, originally conceived to excel in the unforgiving discipline of cross-country racing, now extending to gravel riding and beyond.

Simply adding compliance to the rear of the bike was not sufficient – and doing so without any loss of drivetrain efficiency, torsional rigidity or steering responsiveness, was near rocket science. The result is one for the ages; virtually no weight penalty and incredibly low maintenance. The first generation of MTT saw the engineered performance of the chainstays and seatstays through complex carbon layups, the dual-guide and an integrated XCell damper.

As our horizons of drop-bar riding expand, so does the need to develop MTT for front-end suspension. This has resulted in MTT moving from a standalone technology to an entire ecosystem, currently comprising of suspension fork, stem and stays.

MTT Suspension Fork

Modern gravel tires are capable at providing traction, rolling efficiency and dampening high-frequency vibrations, caused by small obstacles. They hit their limits on bigger obstacles like road cracks, rocks and roots: these impacts cannot be filtered by just the tires unless very low pressures are used, compromising safety and rolling resistance.

The MTT Suspension Fork is designed to overcome the limits of gravel tires and avoid performance compromises. It dampens more than 46% of the impacts that generate vibrations in the 10-50 Hz range, typical to gravel riding.

The bigger the impact, the lower the vibration frequency generated.

Results are generated by measuring the vibration intensity at the wheel and at the frame.

The MTT Suspension Fork delivers 20 mm of plush travel over a spring curve optimized for gravel riding. In short-travel applications, coil suspension has a several advantages over air suspension:

• Coil springs do not need to overcome the stiction of air springs, providing the most sensitive suspension on the first phase of travel and on light impacts.

• The linear curve of the coil spring keeps the suspension active and plush under medium and heavy impacts, an advantage with only 20 mm of travel available. The bottom-out bumper creates an artificially progressive spring curve to support the suspension on hard impacts.

• Coils are immune to over-heating on long descents, a key factor in short travel applications that feature hydraulic chambers with limited volume.

• Using a coil spring on very short travel suspensions has no weight penalty.

• The design of a coil suspension is simple, durable and requires less maintenance than air suspension.

Main MTT Suspension Fork Features:

• 20 mm travel

• Coil Spring & Hydraulic damper

• Lockout control

• Fender mounts & Hub Dynamo Cable Routing

• Flat mount disc

• 12x100 mm thru-axle

Spring Curve and Travel Distribution

Developed in collaboration with the engineers at Hi-Ride, the MTT Suspension Fork is designed to elevate the riding experience of the URS LT and is suited to a wide range of gravel riding styles. The MTT Suspension Fork features a sophisticated hydraulic damper with a wide range of adjustments in a completely integrated package.

With the ability to tune the customizable amount of suspension needed, using a selection of spring coils and adjustable pre-load levels, the MTT Suspension Fork allows riders to dial in their required suspension to suit their preferred terrains and rider weight.

Rider Weight

Easy Gravel

Soft Spring

Mixed Terrain

Mid Spring

Rough Gravel / Trail

Hard Spring

80-90 kg

Pre-Load 3 (5 mm)

Pre-Load 3 (5 mm)

Pre-Load 2 (3 mm)

70-80 kg

Pre-Load 3 (5 mm)

Pre-Load 2 (3 mm)

Pre-Load 1 (1 mm)

60-70 kg

Pre-Load 2 (3 mm)

Pre-Load 1 (1 mm)

No pre-load

The MTT Suspension Fork can be customized with 3 different springs using a dedicated tool:

• Hard (Red): 21.5 Nm

• Mid (Black): 16.5 Nm

• Soft (White): 12 Nm

The pre-load can also be adjusted using dedicated spacers to tune SAG:

The steerer offers 4 cm of stack adjustments, providing a perfect fit for every rider.

The MTT Suspension Fork is first seen on:


MTT technology at its fullest, for an eye-opening, fully micro-suspended gravel experience.

ICS MTT x Redshift Suspension Stem

The latest development in the MTT ecosystem is further innovation to front-end drop bar suspension; our all-new MTT Suspension Stem, developed in conjunction with the team at Redshift.

Using Redshift’s proven ShockStop technology, as well as our pioneering BMC Swiss engineering, we were able to design an advanced, lightweight, and finely crafted suspension stem.

The new ICS MTT x Redshift Stem features:

• Integrated Cockpit System (ICS) technology for stealth cable routing as well as perfect integration for a clean and aerodynamic profile.

• Up to 20 mm travel

• 72, 80, 90, 100 mm lengths

• 0° angle

• Adjustable tuning options for different rider weights and riding styles.

The ICS MTT x Redshift Suspension Stem provides a wide range of direct benefits to the riding experience:

• More comfort: vibrations are eliminated by the stem’s elastomers for a smooth riding feel

• More control: Shockstop technology removes the white noise created by vibrations and small impacts, allowing control of the bike for a confident ride feel

• More speed: energy that is normally wasted suspending your body, is converted into forward motion

• More time: Less muscle fatigue equals more performance

• More customization: easy to exchange elastomers to fine-tune your riding feel.

The ICS MTT x Redshift Suspension Stem pivots around an oversized axle, designed to provide the lateral stiffness of a classic stem. The stem body relies on durable cartridge bearings for rotation, while the suspension is provided by two elastomers positioned inside the stem body; the elastomer units are easily exchangeable, making it easy to adapt depending on rider weight, riding style and terrain. An additional elastomer prevents hard top-outs due to rapid extensions, providing smooth and quiet operation.

The ICS MTT x Redshift Stem is fully compatible with Integrated Cockpit Technology framesets, allowing for clean aesthetics and extended durability. The stem can also be used on round-steerer forks using the dedicated round top-cap.

Sportive and Natural Riding-Feel

The oversized pivot supports the high torsional stiffness of high-performance stems, allowing for a natural suspension feeling and riding experience with enough damping to help the rider stay in control without removing direct road feedback or numbing the ride.

Sensitive Suspension

Extremely reactive and sensitive elastomers, effectively dampening high-frequency road buzz and sting out bigger impacts.


The ICS technology allows for a tidy cable routing, improving durability along the way, thanks to the cable being hidden away from the elements.


The stem can be used on ICS technology and standard round-steerer forks; a great upgrade opportunity for any bike.

The ICS MTT x Redshift Suspension Stem can be customized to provide a different feel by changing the elastomer configuration:

• Softer elastomers: plusher riding feel, reduced terrain feedback

• Harder elastomers: direct riding feel, more terrain feedback

The elastomer combinations can be mixed and matched. With a list of suggestions below.

Drop Handlebars

Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kg) Elastomer 1 Elastomer 2
< 115 < 52 60 50
115 - 135 52 - 61 70 50
135 - 155 61 - 70 70 60
155 - 185 70 - 84 80 50
185 - 205 84 - 93 80 70
> 205 > 93 90 50

Flat Handlebars

Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kg) Elastomer 1 Elastomer 2
< 135 < 61 50 none
135 - 185 61 - 84 60 none
185 - 215 84 - 98 70 none
> 215 > 98 60 50

Micro Travel Technology makes its debut in the endurance category, with the MTT Suspension Stem bridging the gap between road and gravel, delivering the perfect multi-surface ride.

From model year 23, the MTT Suspension Stem can be found on:

• AMP_257_AL_ONE
• AMP_257_AL_TWO

MTT Stays

The founding member of the BMC Micro Travel ecosystem, the MTT Stays, combines advanced carbon technology with a proven dual-guide design. The progressive tube shapes of the seatstay and chainstay unite with the carbon, and its highly specific lay-up, to create an exceptionally compliant performance on rough ground. The MTT Stays add an extra layer of compliance to the rear-end of the bike, while improving traction and control on technical terrain in a featherweight, reliable and seamlessly integrated design.

Dual-Guide Design

The subtle dual-guide technology complements high pedalling efficiency on uneven ground:

• All the torsional stiffness of a rigid frame thanks to the dual-guide design

• Natural suspension feel

• Durability and easy maintenance

XCell Damper

Not your usual elastomer - XCell is an innovative material used in high-end automotive applications due to its superior properties:

• Controlled rebound

• Consistent performance in a wide range of temperatures (-20 to 80 degrees Celsius)

• Consistent performance over a 10+ years lifespan

MTT Stays are found on all URS, URS 01 and URS LT models.

The first-generation MTT has been continuously developed since its inception, accumulated successes in XC racing and proves that this subtle technology complements high pedaling efficiency on uneven ground. As MTT now rolls out across different disciplines of cycling, having ignited a whole ecosystem, there’s no end to the confidence and comfort the original brings.