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The Trackmachine’s story is a funny one that goes back to equipping the Velodrome Suisse with rental bikes.

'"Not quite true," laughs Stefan Christ, BMC’s Head of product development. “That project just happened to coincide with the creation of the Trackmachine 01 for the Swiss National Team at the Rio Olympics. The Trackmachine 02 makes it available to everyone who strives for the best,” he elucidates. Ever since it hit the boards in 2015, the credentials of the Trackmachine 01 and 02 haven’t been questioned, and Stefan enthusiastically cites Stefan Küng’s feats and Rohan Dennis’ hour record of 52.491km as testament to the design being up to the task. For elite riders, the requirements are obviously different, explains Stefan, so BMC took two different paths:

“We quickly realized that there are two main groups of customers: ones that enjoy riding on the track and do not race; as well as athletes that in most cases do several disciplines (like the omnium) and travel to competitions on different continents.” These diverse needs pointed Stefan towards greater adjustability and ease while travelling, a prerequisite for the 01 model. But whatever your level of racing, Stefan is confident in the performance. “Everybody who rides this bike gives feedback that it’s very precise and transfers power perfectly.” He pauses, looking down at his watch: “Hold on, I’ve got an hour free now, shall we go across the road to the velodrome and try it out?”

World Champion-worthy