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Mountain biking has been a part of Mark’s life for what seems like forever. He won’t stop now.

Looking back to the ‘good old days’, the golden era of mountain biking, is how Mark likes to remember earlier decades on hardtails and 26 inch wheels. Those old school bikes not only took him to far-flung places as a youth, but also taught him a killer riding skill set that he uses to blow off steam today. “Riding has always been my release, but now the focus has shifted. Ok, I love the old days and sometimes think that excessive technology has flooded the sport, but I have to admit that my Speedfox is an exception to this assertion,” Mark admits.

From all-day, all-mountain escapes to stolen hours on his locals trails, Mark’s routine of riding daily still remains. “Sometimes I catch myself wondering what it would have been like to have this bike when I was younger. Then I check myself, before swiftly dropping into the next smile-inducing descent.”

You, the trail, synchronized.