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“I didn’t used to think there was anything other than tarmac, two wheels, and my next competition.”

“Road racing was really all I knew,” he continues. And it’s true: Thomas's path into cycling was traditional, from local club racing as a youth to becoming a regular on the regional circuit, but as his dreams of a pro contract faded, so did his love for cycling.

“I just couldn’t motivate myself with the thought of riding in traffic, battling the cars on the same old routes. But the Roadmachine X has opened my eyes and reignited the passion.” “These days you just can’t stop me,” he grins, “sometimes my 20 km commute extends into an adventure ride, as there is always the question of ‘where does that road, gravel track or trail go?” Fortunately for Thomas, he’s gradually getting to grips with his local geography and now takes fewer dead ends. “Exactly,” he adds bashfully, “I’m learning which surfaces are off-limits – and there aren’t many!”

The 'everything' bike

Roadmachine X