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BMC x Suplest

Limited Edition Collaboration

Introducing the all-new limited-edition BMC x Suplest road and gravel cycling shoes - the ultimate way to showcase your love for the BMC colors.

Created through a collaboration with the renowned Swiss company Suplest, these shoes are a perfect blend of premium design and high-end performance. Meticulously engineered to cater to the needs of elite racers, they are available in two iconic BMC designs that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of Swiss cycling history and shop now!

A Swiss Collaboration

Suplest is a Swiss premium cycling shoe company founded in 2007 by passionate cyclists. Their shoes are designed to provide exceptional comfort and superior quality, with the aim of creating a perfect connection between the rider and their bike. Working together, we carefully selected the best materials to ensure that the limited-edition road and gravel cycling shoe series exceeds expectations.

BMC x Suplest Road Series

The Road Pro Edge+ 2.0 BMC Edition shoes boast the iconic BMC red that has been an integral part of our identity and racing heritage for years. The shoes match perfectly with the recurrent elements of the Teammachine SLR range, giving you a stylish look that is both sublime and clean.

But the shoes offer much more than just aesthetics. They feature a thin microfiber upper and stable 3D-mesh in the forefoot, ensuring maximum comfort during your ride. The BOA® Fit System Li2 allows for precise fixation of the foot, while the carbon shield integrated into the tongue evenly distributes pressure across your foot.

The SOLESTAR insole and stiff ERGO 360° carbon sole work together to transfer power efficiently to the pedal, providing a smooth and powerful ride that can take your road cycling to the next level. Don’t miss out on the Road Pro Edge+ 2.0 BMC Edition shoes, with their iconic BMC red and high-performance features.

BMC x Suplest Gravel Series

The Gravel Performance Edge+ 2.0 BMC Edition shoes high-performance cycling footwear I inspired by the ruggedness of gravel riding. The design takes cues from rocks, sand, and mud, perfectly matching with our mustard-coloured URS. The raw design is combined with a popping color that will make you stand out on the trail.

The shoes are designed specifically for gravel riders, providing a perfect fit and superior pedal connection. The SUPtraction® rubber sole offers an excellent grip, ensuring stability and control on any terrain. The carbon comp. sole ensures easy acceleration, and the SOLESTAR insole with arch support and metatarsal button enhances power transmission and efficiency.

The tactile connection between foot and shoe will keep you motivated on any terrain, and you'll feel confident and comfortable every step of the way. Shop now and be ready to tackle any gravel challenge with the Gravel Performance Edge+ 2.0 BMC Edition.