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BMC Companion App

Your Ultimate Digital Rider Support

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of cycling technology and providing the best riding experience. This is why we are proud to introduce the BMC Companion App - your ultimate digital rider support.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, this app is designed to enhance your riding experience and help you keep your bike in top shape.

The BMC Companion App is your new go-to source to schedule bike maintenance, access service history, as well as your all-in-one solution for the best riding experience.

Unlock the full potential of your bike and download the app now.

BMC Companion App

Your ultimate digital support

Download Now:

BMC Companion App

Your ultimate digital support

Download Now:

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Bike

With the Companion App, you have easy access to an extended 5-year warranty for your BMC frame if you register your bike within 6 months of initial purchase. This means you can enjoy your ride with peace of mind, knowing you're covered in the event of a problem.

Effortless Access to Bike Details

The app makes it easy to access the most vital information and usage figures around your bike and components. This guarantees you are making informed decisions about your bike’s performance at all times.

Never Miss a Maintenance Check Again

You'll never miss a check again thanks to our convenient reminder system that helps to stay on top of your bike's maintenance. The BMC Companion App makes sure your bike is always in top condition.

One-Stop Service Solution

Our platform provides you with a complete and easy-to-use maintenance history to make sure you can keep track of all your services and notes. You'll never have to search for scattered service records again, leaving you with more time for the important things.

Stay Connected

The BMC Companion App is your go-to platform to connect with the BMC community. Keep in touch with BMC and your preferred dealers for exclusive insights and get the latest updates on new products and promotions.

Integrate Your Wearables and Strava Account

Simplify your post-ride routine by seamlessly integrating your wearables or Strava account. With all your most important information in one place the app makes sure you get the most out of your ownership experience.

Download the BMC Companion App Now

Don't miss out on the ultimate digital bike support.