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APS - Advanced Pivot System

Kinematics: 1 Obstacles: 0

Designing a full-suspension platform is nothing short of rocket science – a balancing act between great pedalling efficiency, isolation of brake loads, small and big bump compliance, and playful handling. The Advanced Pivot System (APS), optimises pivot locations for ideal kinematics and results in purposeful leverage ratios, axle paths and shock performance characteristics. APS is a World-Champion-proven system capable of everything from cross-country racing to all-mountain ripping.

A well-designed full-suspension bike offers the control and confidence to ride any trail without hesitation. Traction, control and efficiency are top priorities with the APS. We use a series of simulation supercomputers to ensure each discipline of riding is given the perfect balance of performance metrics. We also believe it should be durable, tuneable for any rider and serviceable in a short amount of time. APS relies on two short links, moving in a concentric motion, to create a rear wheel axle path that promotes the perfect balance between ideal leverage ratio, fully active braking performance, small bump sensitivity, low pedal kickback and maximum efficiency. The result is a light, stiff, and compact structure that promotes excellent control and energy transfer for the rider.


To achieve just the right amount of travel for each of our models we optimised the leverage ratio, ensuring the perfect balance between progression and small-bump sensitivity.


Our system relies on two short links with major benefits: increasing front-to-back frame stiffness for decreased frame stress and better overall wheel tracking. Pick your line and let the bike do the rest.


No rider wants to waste energy – we aim for an efficient design in every model we make, keeping the tires on the ground and making the most of every pedal stroke.