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DTi - Dual Transmission integration

Elegant. Understated. Swiss.

Unique to BMC, DTi (Dual Transmission integration) allows the cable routing to be easily swapped between mechanical and electronic drivetrains, giving you total freedom. Applied to all of our new road frames, and even some of our new off-road platforms, the integration is clean, without loss in the aesthetic or aerodynamic departments. An understated look that performs.

DTi – Dual Transmission integration

For every cable or housing entry and exit port on our frames, we offer adaptable systems to ensure the rider’s choice of equipment isn’t an afterthought. DTi is a unique solution to ensuring every BMC maintains a truly Swiss, premium look and feel, regardless of the component choice.

Drivetrain adaptability: Rider's choice. Mechanical or electronic, it's up to you.

Clean aesthetics: Bikes are an investment. They should look like one.

One frame for all: One frame, countless equipment options.