APS – Advanced Pivot System

Kinematics: 1 Obstacles: 0

Creating a full-suspension platform is nothing short of rocket science – a balancing act of great pedaling efficiency, unimpeded braking, small and big bump compliance, and a nice serving of fun and playful handling. Our solution is the Advanced Pivot System (APS), which optimizes pivot locations for ideal kinematics and results in purposeful leverage ratios, axle paths, and shock performance characteristics. The reward is a World-Champion proven system capable of cross-country racing, all-mountain ripping, and everything in between.

A well-designed full suspension bike

A well-designed full suspension bike offers the control and confidence to ride any trail without hesitation. Traction, control and efficiency are the top priorities with APS and we use a series of simulation supercomputers to ensure each discipline of riding gets the perfect balance of performance metrics so riders have the experience they expect every day on the trail. We believe it should also be durable, tuneable for any rider and serviceable in a short amount of time. APS relies on two very short links, moving in a concentric motion, to create a rear wheel axle path that promotes a perfect balance of leverage ratio, fully-active braking performance, pedal kickback and efficiency, and small bump sensitivity. 

The result is a light, stiff and compact structure that promotes excellent control and energy transfer for the rider.


BMC Trailfox AMP SX keeps you riding


Efficient pedalling: Suspension designed to soak up the bumps not pedaling power

Fatigue reduction: Stay fresh, stay powerful and stay sharp with engineered fatigue reduction

 Control: Awesome suspension kinematics means improved suspension performance –pick your line and let the bike do the rest


Bikes with this technology