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  1. Excitement research
  2. TCC
  3. Vmax
  4. ACE
  5. APS
  6. BWC
  7. DTi

BMC – The Bicycle Manufacturing Company

It’s all in the name. At BMC we concentrate on what we do best - making bikes, pure and simple. We focus our energy towards creating the ultimate ride - whether for road, track, or trail, professional athlete, or weekend warrior.

Explore our Innovations

Excitement research

Some companies call it the development process. At BMC we call it 'excitement research.' Using cutting edge in-house technology at the Impec Advanced R&D Lab in Grenchen, we simulate prototypes and apply the highest level of engineering, craftsmanship and design to create them.

We combine this process with feedback gleaned from our test rides on the trails and roads that surround our headquarters. Then we repeat, over and over again, until we are convinced that what we have produced is the best it can possibly be. We live and breathe research and development. The loop is so tight that we come full circle on a daily basis, in the design studio and workshop, over lunchtime rides, coffee breaks, and through interaction with our professional athletes. You see, at BMC we take a different approach. Not just to differentiate ourselves from the pack, but to ensure that we live up to our promise of bringing you the most innovative and forward-thinking cycling solutions.

impec Advanced R&D Lab

TCC - High tech in the hell of the north

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Stay fresh, stay powerful and stay sharp with engineered fatigue reduction

Stiff where it's needed, compliant where it's not

Rolling smoother is rolling faster and more efficient

The queen of the legendary classics, Paris Roubaix, is infamous for its pavé. Multiple sections of rough, uneven cobbles place huge demand on both rider and bike. These harsh terrains call for something much tougher. We set out to find innovative solutions to ease the battering that our professional cyclists take on these brutal roads. We figured that if we can make their suffering more bearable, excellent results would soon follow.

TCC – Tuned Compliance Concept

It’s not easy to imagine compliance and stiffness working as one, but Tuned Compliance Concept does just this. The most advanced bikes are designed to be dynamic on the road and cutting-edge BMC engineers understand this as an opportunity in functional design.

TCC – Tuned Compliance Concept

The ultimate balance between stiffness and vertical compliance

Vertical compliance refers to the level of flexing on a bike frame. Combined with stiffness - it can consume up to 15% of a rider’s energy. Our Tuned Compliance Concept focuses on minimizing this impact by leveraging the technical know how and expertise gathered from years of bike design, to create the ultimate balance between comfort and performance for a ride that is both forgiving and fast . 

BMC Racing Team, Marcus Burghardt, Paris-Roubaix 2014

Active suspension is not a typical feature built into road bike frames. But this doesn’t mean that there is no suspension at all. In a very basic way all bike frames and forks flex, together with spokes, wheels, seat posts and saddles, handlebars and stems. We introduced thin, low seat stays, offset dropouts, carbon fork tips, and re-designed our seat post to allow the frameset to flex vertically , maximizing what we call angle compliance. In doing so, the disturbing sensations on your ride - the jarring hits, and rocky vibrations are not transferred directly to your body. Your rear wheel stays in contact with the ground, the ride becomes effortlessly fast, no matter how many Paris Roubaix and Flanders cobbled sections need to be conquered.

Once we have ensured that your ride is comfortable, what happens to the frame when you grind those pedals? Oversized downtubes, headtubes, chainstays and fork crowns, are combined with high-modulus carbon fibers to increase the lateral (side) stiffness of the frame. This improves the efficiency of power transferred from the rider to the bike. Not only that, but it also improves the torsional stiffness - making handling more intuitive, lighter, and more precise.

Hell's Kitchen - research meets reconnaissance

World Champion, and classics legend, Thor Hushovd defines what it takes to be a hard-man, and the bike necessary to get the job done.

Vmax = p2p x subA – beat the enemy

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Aerodynamic positions that are functional, effective and sustainable

Position-to-Perform aims to accommodate any rider's position

Ready for any discipline: Ironman, sprint, or something in between

Between a cyclist and his fastest time trial lies one fierce opponent – air. Every cyclist has to fight it. Drag increases with the square of speed. Over the speed of 15kmph, drag exceeds all other forms of resistance combined (roll resistance mechanical friction losses.)

Optimized aero designs, complete cable integration, and huge ranges of adjustability are key ingredients to making you aerodynamic on the bike. Our timemachine line is developed to make you faster than ever. Helping you to exceed your previous time-trial or triathlon personal records by offering you sustainable positions. So the only excuses left when you cross the finish line are your legs, your lungs, and your mind.

The winning formula: 
Vmax = p2p x subA

Aerodynamics is not just about the bike, it is the position of the rider together with the bike - the whole picture.


Dubbed p2p, the Position to Perform idea is as simple as it is brilliant. A highly adjustable stem and seatpost lets you create your ideal position on the bike for a sprint, Ironman, or anything in between.


SubA refers to the maximization of aerodynamics through minimizing exposure to the wind. This is generated through three core features; teardrop 3:1, a truncated profile, and tripwire.

  • Teardrop 3:1

    The name reflects the frame shape, formed in an aerodynamic length-to-width ratio of 3:1.
  • Truncated Profile

    We worked a straight breakaway edge into the profile of the bike which reduces the weight while increasing frame stiffness, resulting in optimal turbulence control.
  • Tripwire technology

    We took our inspiration from aeronautics. Tripwire for the air is created when special wind curbs are molded into the carbon frame, so that a slight amount of turbulence is created directly above the surface. A sort of air cushion forms a wind flow – making you faster.
SubA - the maximization of aerodynamics
BMC TMR01 Windcutter - Made to ride fast

World Champion Phillip Gilbert shows what's posible with record-breaking aerodynamics and unsurpassed integration.

ACE – 34,000 prototypes in just one year

For lightning-quick climbing and ultimate manueverability - keep it light

Power to the pedals - as BMC engineers intended it to be

Every road should feel like a Swiss road…

If you want a 100% optimized bike frame, you’ll have to wait a very, very long time. At least this was the case before we developed ACE - the in-house computer software used daily by BMC’s engineers to digitally simulate each stage and iteration of a new carbon frame. With ACE, we develop virtual prototypes before cutting actual molds, compressing years of testing and prototyping into mere months at the Impec R&D Lab in Grenchen, Switzerland.

ACE - Accelerated Composites Evolution Technology

In 2011 we set out to advance our first-generation teammachine design. We soon realized that relying on human trial and error alone to improve a race bike of this caliber simply wasn’t going to cut it. Collaborating with experts in the field, we developed ACE, or Accelerated Composites Evolution Technology. Replacing traditional prototyping processes, the iterative, computer-modelling program produced more than 34,000 possible frame configurations in just one year. This information enables us to virtually optimize geometrical structure, cross-sections and carbon fiber lay-ups to ensure that any physical prototypes produced are as close to the finished product as possible, thus reducing development time by light years.

BMC ACE Technology

BMC's proprietary computer technology evaluates thousands of versions of a frameset design, ensuring the final product delivers the performance riders demand.

With ACE technology, the most relevant performance characteristics of a race bike; weight, stiffness, and compliance, are combined in the best way possible to produce a unique ride and the ultimate in performance. Rather than physically prototyping every iterative stage during the engineering process, it allows us to speed up the evolutionary design process. Driven by more than 200 parameters such as cross-section dimensions, clearances, performance targets, our Finite Element Method (FEM) established a calculation model to determine the absolute real-world performance of the frame. Through complex computations, the characteristics of each iteration of frame design are realized and refined until the optimal combination of all parameters is found.

APS - Geometry: 1 Obstacles: 0

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Suspension designed to soak up the bumps - not pedaling power

Stay fresh, stay powerful and stay sharp with engineered fatigue reduction

Awesome suspension kinematics means improved suspension performance - pick your line and let the bike do the rest

Picture yourself on your full suspension bike riding a pretty tough trail. After every sharp turn you accelerate. But, imagine if every time you do this, the suspension eats up your forward momentum, robbing you of your fun, and the rewards for your hard work.

APS - Advanced Pivot System

A well-designed full suspension bike offers the control and confidence to ride a trail without hesitation. Ideal suspension systems maximize pedaling efficiency without compromising the ability to soak up the bumps. Our solution is the Advanced Pivot System (APS) which optimizes kinematics and pivot placements, leverage ratios, axle paths and shock dimensions. Iterative calculations fine-tune all the suspension properties of each of our distinctive full-suspension models to achieve the best ride characteristics for any terrain. The result is a light, stiff and compact structure that promotes excellent control and energy transfer for the rider.

trailfox TF01, François Bailly-Maitre, EWS Scotland

When accelerating, an inertial force is generated which attempts to compress the shock system. Our APS solution counteracts this effect. It carefully calculates the pivot points of the rear suspension so that inertial force generated under acceleration is not misdirected into compressing the shock, instead, the chain tension compensates for this effect. As a result, all the pedal power is used for propulsion without any loss of energy through the suspension. The shock system ensures optimum traction, and therefore ensures that power is transferred to the ground.

Innovation APS

Our solution to finding the optimal pivot placement, APS achieves this through iterative calculations in order to fine-tune such suspension characteristics as leverage ratio, axle path, and the amount of kickback. The unified rear triangle is linked to the main frame by two short links, with the upper link actuating the shock. The result is a light, stiff and compact structure. Impacts are absorbed by the shock system, providing excellent comfort for the rider.

Another example of our forward-thinking cycling solutions from the Impec R&D Lab and the efforts we go to put the rider in the middle of the equation, the advanced pivot system offers the rider the perfect combination of efficiency, traction, and comfort.

  • Traction

    To achieve just the right amount of travel for each of our distinct models we optimized the leverage ratio, ensuring the optimal balance between progression and small bump sensitivity.
  • Control

    Low suspension ratio means greater oil flow and energy dissipation. Pick your line and let the bike do the rest.
  • Efficiency

    There is a lot to be said for keeping the rubber side down. With less time in the air you cover ground faster.
Aaron Bradford Trailfoxing Santa Cruz's Best

Between the epic flow of EWS Chile and the brutal challenge presented by EWS Scottland, BMC Enduro rider Aaron Bradford gets back to his roots on his home trails of Santa Cruz, CA. Along the way, Aaron's BMC trailfox TF01 adapts smoothly to the versatile terrain he encounters.

BWC - 29 inch. Absolutely Absalon

Specific geometry designs to compliment big wheels means awesome rider control

Keep it rolling - 29er wheels roll fast up or down

Stay confident, fast and manueverable in the tight stuff

A major game changer in the world of mountain biking, 29 inch wheels make for an effortless ride in challenging terrain. The increased wheel diameter brings more control, comfort, confidence, and not to mention, speed into the mix. Julien Absalon choose BMC's Big Wheel Concept in 2013 and won the World Championships in 2014 with this fool-proof approach.

BWC – Big Wheel Concept

Winning performances are much more than just a tire size – it’s how wheels are integrated into a complete bike. Our Big Wheel Concept maximizes the rolling benefits of 29” wheel sizes and maintains a playful and nimble feel through purposeful geometry and cockpit tweaks. Low bottom bracket and short chainstays promote excellent traction and control while a roomy toptube and short stem promote a confident rider position. BWC focuses on the elements that transfer the benefits of big wheels onto the trails.

BMC Mountainbike Racing Team, Julien Absalon, NoveMesto XC 2014
  • Greater agility

    Cornering becomes instinctive, not just a reaction – as you lean in the bike moves with you.
  • Increased stability

    Both wheels on the ground – letting you take more risks and of course, go faster.

DTi - Future proof and ready for your next choice

Rider's choice - mechanical or electronic, it's up to you

Bikes are an investment - they should look like one

One frame, countless equipment options

A frame is only as good as its parts – ours are what we like to call future proof. Wielding the tools of our trade, we developed the Dual Transmission Integration feature – or DTi.  Unique to BMC , DTi allows the cable routing to be easily swapped from mechanical to electronic shift systems. Giving you total freedom in your choice of groupsets. Applied to all of our new road frames, the integration is clean, without loss in the aesthetic or aerodynamic department. A sleek look that performs. 

DTi - Dual Transmission Integration

teammachine SLR, DTi - Dual Transmission Integration
timemachine TMR, DTi - Dual Transmission Integration

Future-proof and very clean cable routing system that is compatible with both traditional mechanical cables and electronic components.

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