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timemachine TM01


timemachine TM01 Frameset

The fastest bike on earth

The story of the timemachine TM01 is one of success: Cadel Evans rode into yellow on the final day of racing and won the Tour de France thanks to maximum aerodynamics and a perfect position on his TM01. Shortly thereafter, Andreas Raelert used the same advantages to establish a new worldrecord over the Ironman distance.The BMC timemachine TM01 delivered arguably the two most important results in against-the-clock racing. That speaks volumes.  
  • p2p x subA, carbon
  • aero hinge fork, pure carbon, with p2p & subA
  • integrated design
  • integrated design, with p2p
  • aero post, pure carbon, with p2p and subA
  • 2.43 kg
Technology Focus – timemachine TM01 Frameset

Technology Focus – timemachine TM01 Frameset

Front brake integration and p2p modular stem system on the timemachine TM01 frameset.

Technology Focus – timemachine TM01 Frameset

Frontal view of the assembled timemachine TM01 frameset with the proprietary hinge fork design which reduces frontal surface area for maximum aero performance.


  • Vmax

    p2p x subA

    The formula for high-performance cycling - Position to Perform maximizes adjustability of rider position while subA innovation creates an incredibly fast frame profile.
  • DTi

    Dual Transmission Integration

    Rider's choice - Aesthetics should not be an afterthought - DTi allows BMC frames to look like the precision machines we designed them to be, regardless of drivetrain variations.

Technical Details

  • Framep2p x subA
  • TubingPure carbon
  • SizeS / M-S / M-L / L
  • Forkaero hinge fork, pure carbon, with p2p & subA
  • Rear Shock-
  • Gears-
  • Chainwheel-
  • Cassette-
  • Chain-
  • Front Derailleur-
  • Rear Derailleur-
  • Shifter-
  • Brakesintegrated road design
  • Handlebar-
  • Stemintegrated design, with p2p
  • Seatpostaero post, pure carbon, with p2p and subA
  • Seat-
  • Hubs-
  • Rims-
  • Tyres-
  • ColourTeam Red
  • Weight-
Geometry – timemachine TM01 Frameset
Size S M - S M - L L
Rider height cm sizing tool sizing tool sizing tool sizing tool
Stack mm 480 515 515 556
Reach mm 393 377 418 442
Seat tube st mm 503 540 540 582
Top tube tt‘ mm 504 496 537 570
Head tube ht mm 97 123 123 166
Seat angle sa ° 77 77 77 77
Head angle ha ° 71.5 71.5 71.5 71.5
Rear center rc mm 390-410 390-410 390-410 390-410
Front center fc mm 590 583 624 662
Wheelbase wb mm 971 964 1004 1042
BB drop mm 58 68 68 68
Fork length fl mm 364 364 364 364
Fork rake fr mm 50 50 50 50
Trail mm 60 60 60 60
Crank length mm 170 170 170 172.5
Stem length mm N / A N / A N / A N / A
Stem angle ° N / A N / A N / A N / A
Bar width mm 400 420 420 420
Bar drop mm N / A N / A N / A N / A
Bar reach mm N / A N / A N / A N / A
Post length mm 325 325 385 385
Post offset mm +21 / +7 / -7 / -21 +21 / +7 / -7 / -21 +21 / +7 / -7 / -21 +21 / +7 / -7 / -21

Applied aerodynamics

The SubA concept summarizes the aerodynamic advantages: truncated tubes strike a balance between the aerodynamically optimal shape and maximum rigidity. The tripwire technology is a stepped profile running along the leading edge of the frame tubing. The goal is to better control the airflow around the profiles and delay separation of the boundary layer from the tube surface — the same effect is generated by the dimples on a golf ball. Additionally, the lean front surface area of the TM01 minimizes aerodynamic resistance.

Advanced integration

Uncompromised integration of frame, fork and components dramatically improves aerodynamic performance. The powerful brake calipers are cleanly tucked into the shape of the fork and chain stays, the seatpost is fixed by a hidden clamping mechanism, the battery unit needed for electronic groupsets is integrated into the seat tube, and all other electronic components disappear almost entirely into the frame.

Position to perform

BMC rounds off the technical characteristics of the TM01 with maximum adjustability of the seatpost and stem. Thanks to this clever system (position to perform, or p2p for short) the conflict between aerodynamics and the rider’s natural biomechanics can be minimized. The integrated stem offers 32 different positioning options for the handlebar, while the seatpost can be set at a virtual seat tube angle ranging from 72 to 82 degrees with four additional saddle clamp positions. Having the possibility to always find the right fit means the TM01 is the perfect time trial or triathlon bike.


The BMC Dual Transmission integration (DTi) allows assembling the same frame with your choice of either electronic or mechanical groupsets without losses in aesthetics or aerodynamics. State of the art.


Except for the large-sized frameset, the TM01 is UCI compliant and ready to hit the start line. Given how many races this bike won straight out of the gate, it’s likely you're destined for the podium as well.

Array – timemachine TM01 Frameset


  • p2p×SubA full carbon construction
  • Frameset weight: 2435 g including frame, fork, headset, seatpost, brakes and stem
  • DTi cable routing, compatible with mechanical and electronic groupsets
  • Integrated rear brake
  • Internal Di2 battery

 Bottom bracket 

  •  BB30


  • Aero hinge fork, p2p×SubA full carbon construction
  • Integrated front brake
  • Integrated stem
  • 1-1/8" steerer tube


  • Aero post, p2p×SubA full carbon construction

Frame sizes

  • 4 sizes: small, medium short, medium long, large
  • Details see geometry chart





A bike that will enable you as fast as you want to be
January 2014
Every superbike element is built into this dream frame
September 2013

More information

Sizing Tool

TM01 sizing process

A bicycle rider will only perform at his best if he is correctly positioned on his bike, especially for time trial and triathlon competitions. This online tool is only a guideline to help you decide which size and which stem configuration to choose in order to reach a given handlebar position.


Excitement research

It’s all in the name. At BMC we concentrate on what we do best - making bikes, pure and simple. We focus our energy towards creating the ultimate ride - whether for road, track, or trail, professional athlete, or weekend warrior.


BMC Tempo

Read compelling stories crafted from inside the world of BMC; interviews with our professional athletes and employees, insights into the BMC cycling culture, and hot secrets from our R&D lab.


Ride equipment

Looking from some BMC softwear to go with the hardwear? Check out what we have in store for you.

p2p modular stem system

Triangle concept - Six different spacers combine together to offer up to 32 different stem positions.

Integrated seatpost with 21-21 offset

The seat post clamp can be mounted in four different positions to perfectly adjust the required saddle offset.

Integratet rear brake
Di2 battery port

DTi electronic port for the Di2 battery.

Carbon-adjustable dropouts
Integrated front brake
Aero hinge fork

Traditional internal steerer tube design is replaced by a hinge, making the head tube cross section narrower, deeper and more aerodynamic.

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